Friday, January 21, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Sunday I had the honor of spending time with two of the original "Glitter Girls" and writing muses (Kristin & Mary). We managed to pound out a few thousand words each all the while celebrating Mary's "early" birthday. In honor of the birthday girl, I got to make some of my favorite cupcakes ever...Pumpkin! I think they were a hit since Kristin "I hate Pumpkin cupcakes" downed a whole cake. I need another birthday to celebrate soon as I am DYING to try out my new Key Lime cupcake recipe! Any volunteers?

We were graced with visits from two guest writers - an absent "Glitter Girl," Nicole, joined us via text (tried Skype, but it wouldn't connect) to have a word war and Jamee dropped by to share in the cupcake devouring (along with the ever beautiful half-pint Juliette!)

I'm positive we got more eating and socializing done than writing, but that's part of the fun. We don't have "writing groups" to sit and write without speaking. And even though we gabbed too much, I got more writing done that I have since our NANO weekend in November. Now that we have planned to meet, eat & write at least once a month, I might just finish my novel!!


  1. Pumpkin cupcakes are the BEST EVER!! =) Loved the time. Looking forward to future gatherings!

  2. THIS is what you decide to blog about?! What about our fantastic November weekend?

    Wish I could attend or that Skype would have at least worked. But I do have November 2011 weekend already planned. Just name the date! (and send me a cupcake!)

  3. Yay! So glad to be one of the Glitter Girls! :) I loved our get-together and can't wait for February's!

  4. I think your arrangement with your glitter girls is definitely worth making key lime cupcakes... I think you're on the right track!!

    and I am very glad to see that stephenie meyer is one of your favorite authors.. I absolutely love The Host.. I've read it like 4 times... just can't get enough

    Happy Blogging
    - Sy