Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring Fiction Contest at WOW - 2nd Place !!!

So, to my utter amazement, I actually placed in the contest I entered at the end of May. I took 2nd Place out of about 300 entrants. I was shocked as this was my first writing contest entry ever!!! (well, unless you count the one I won a few years ago when I worked at Travelers. It was on customer service - exciting stuff!)
I am honored to share the story with you here. Once the page loads, please scroll downto "2nd place winner" to read my story! Feel free to leave comments here on what you thought! Thanks for reading. :)


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  1. I just read your piece -- I can't speak to the other 297 entties, but as to the first three, you should have taken first. I enjoyed the atmosphere you created. I especially liked your moment with the small child. Well done and congratulations.